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Optime - Downlighter Housing Maxi

Optime Maxi Box
Optime Downlight Protector Maxi
Optime Downlight Protector Maxi
Optime Downlight Protector Maxi Downlight Protector

Product Stats

  • Optime - Downlighter Housing Maxi
  • Simple to install 
  • Size: 320mm x 320mm x 160mm
  • Suits Downlighter with transformer up to 50 Watts
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Price: €16.00 incl. VAT

Designed as an innovative one stop solution for achieving a safe, easy to install sealing system for down lights. Optime Downlight housing boxes are offered as Mini and Maxi housing. The Optime Maxi will accommodate a transformer; the Mini is suitable only to house the downlight. The Optime Mini is designed to suit all types of roofs and ceilings as it is very suitable in narrow places. Optime Downlight boxes significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings which incorporate down lights as well as improving comfort and minimizing problems associated with condensation.

While the Optime Downlight housing is made from a non-flammable material, Optime Downlight is not fire rated and should not be relied upon as a fire barrier, this is determined by the fixing between the downlight and the plaster board lining.

  • The Maxi is especially made for downlighters with transformer - 320 x 320 x 160 mm.
  • Simple to install.
  • Can be used for most conventional timber ceilings.
  • Ensures an effective moisture barrier is maintained.
  • Cover is simple to fit and requires no additional tools.
  • For energy conservation we recommend low energy light fittings, however, the housing is suitable for downlights up to 50W.
  • Inflammable – will tolerate high temperatures, but are not fire rated
  • Recognised by Nemko.
  • Made from recyclable material.

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