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Natural paint and cleaners

329 Natural Wall Filler

Natural Wall Filler
AURO 329 - Natural Wall Filler
AURO 329 - Natural Wall Filler

Product Stats

  • Natural wall filler Fills cracks, cavities & joints in walls
  • Smoothes uneven brickwork & is ideal preparation for paint jobs & wallpapering.
  • Quickly over-coatable
  • Easy to use 
  • Simply mix powder with water and apply evenly with smoothing trowel or spatula
  • Available in 500g and 3Kg bag
  • Vegan

Suitable Substrates 

  • Completely dried, untreated plastered surfaces (lime plaster, lime-cement plaster) 
  • Calcareous sand, bricks, concrete or other absorbent, purely mineral surfaces


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Product versions:


  • Mix two weight portions of the AURO natural wall filler into one part water & stir 
  • For ca. 40 minutes, the filler is usable for repairing and filling cracks, holes &  irregularities in plaster, stone & brickwork

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