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125 - One-Off Oil Wax

One-Off Oil Wax 2.5ltr
AURO 125 One-off Oil-Wax
AURO 125 One-off Oil-Wax

Product Stats

  • Auro 125 - One-Off Oil
  • Available in 750ml ltr & 2.5 Litre
  • One coat application
  • For all types of wood
  • Water and Dirt repellent
  • Solvent free


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Product versions:

One-off oil wax No. 125

With just one application, an oiled and waxed surface of excellent quality and durability is achieved. The product is suitable for the task, solvent-free and can be applied easily with a roller. It is suitable for untreated or pre-oiled wooden furniture or floors. After polishing off - within 1 hour of application - you have a perfect surface, which can be wiped over with a damp cloth after one day. The surfaces are very easycare: simply clean with Floor Cleaner No. 427 and maintain with Floor Care Emulsion No. 431.

Trading units
Coverage per sq.m




up to 100


Full declaration:
wood oil; linseed oil; sunflower oil; castor oil; carnauba wax; beeswax; mineral fillers; fatty acid; stearic acid; driers (e.g. cobalt salts)


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