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148 - Swedish Red Exterior Wood Paint

Exterior Wood Paint
Auro Swedish red, Exterior Wood Paint
Auro Swedish red, Exterior Wood Paint

Product Stats

  • Auro 148 - Swedish red, Exterior Wood Paint
  • For all types of wood, mainly used as a treatment for rough sawn or roughened untreated wooden facades
  • solvent free, oil pigment colour wash for exteriors, oxide red, covering, matt finish.
  • 100% Natural, certified VOC-free, 
  • AURO 148 Exterior Wood Paint is made of eco-friendly ingredients such as linseed oil and mineral pigments
  • Vegan


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Gives big and small houses the typical Swedish house look: oxide red, solvent-free pigment colour wash for rough sawn wooden facades in residential and summer houses. Does not flake, is light-resistant and can be easily reworked: Just brush off and repaint. Make the Swedish look perfect by painting window and door frames with contrasting white AURO gloss paint No. 250.

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Full declaration:
water; mineral fillers; mineral pigments; linseed oil; wheaten flour; vitriolic iron

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