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187 - Wood Wax

Auro Wood Wax
Floor/Wood Wax
Floor/Wood Wax

Product Stats

  • Auro 187 is a Natural Wood Wax both Eco-Friendly and non-toxic wood wax and Wood Protector
  • AURO Wood Wax is a Low Odour Product
  • AURO 187 is a natural wood wax is made from vegetable and beeswax
  • AURO Wood Wax is suitable for wooden or linoleum floor surfaces, and on furniture/household wooden items
  • Breathable
  • Water and Dirt repellent


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Product versions:

Wood wax No. 187

Dirt-repellent, solvent-free, slightly honey-coloured wax protection with high abrasion resistance made of beeswax and vegetable wax for wooden or linoleum floor surfaces. Also suited for furniture surfaces. Apply with a brush or roller and polish no earlier than 20 minutes but no later than 1 hour after application to obtain a satin mat finish. Pretreat wood types rich in active substances with AURO Special primer No. 117, other wood types with AURO Hard primer No. 127.
Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
0,75 19
2,5 63

Full declaration:
Water; as amino soaps: colophony glycerol ester with organic acids; linseed oil; wood oil; castor oil; sunflower oil; carnauba wax; beeswax; mineral fillers; surfactants made of rapeseed oil, castor oil; cellulose; fatty acids; driers (cobalt-free)

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