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257 - Natural, Eco-Friendly Radiator Paint

Radiator Paint
Natural & Eco-Friendly Radiator paint
Natural & Eco-Friendly Radiator paint

Product Stats

  • Auro 257 - Radiator Paint is non-toxic and creates a silk matt finish
  • AURO natural radiator paint is thermally stable up to around 70 degrees 
  • This eco-friendly radiator is available in 750ml and is suitable for metal
  • For interior use
  • Solvent free
  • Vegan


Also Available in 2.5 Litre - email for details 


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Price: €48.15 incl. VAT

Radiator paint No. 257

Makes steel and cast iron radiators look like new: solvent-free, silk mat paint. Heat resistant up to 70°C. Can be tinted up to 10% with coloured AURO Gloss paint No. 250 (gloss) or No. 260 (silk gloss).

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Full declaration:
water; as amino soaps: colophony glycerol ester with organic acids, linseed oil, castor oil, sunflower oil; titanium dioxide; mineral fillers; cellulose; surfactants made of rapeseed oil, castor oil; fatty acid; stearic acid; drying agents (e.g. cobalt salts)

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