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261 - Natural Clear Varnish / Lacquer Matt Silk

Clear Varnish Satin
AURO 261 Natural Clear Lacquer Matt Silk Varnish
AURO 261 Natural Clear Lacquer Matt Silk Varnish

Product Stats

  • AURO 261 - Natural Eco-friendly natural Clear Lacquer/varnish  matt silk is suitable for interior wood such as shelves and household furniture
  • Please note - AURO 261 natural varnish is not to be used as floor varnish, and it is not suitable for certain timber types such as Oak
  • AURO clear lacquer/varnish matt silk is available in 750ml and 2.5 Litre
  • AURO 261 holds EU DIN 71 accreditation and is, therefore safe for toys
  • low odour product
  • AURO natural matt and silk finish varnish is environmentally friendly and is free of solvents 
  • Vegan



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AURO 261 Natural Clear Lacquer / Varnish Matt Silk 

Solvent-free, satin mat, clear lacquer for furniture and objects made of wood or wooden materials inside. Good abrasion resistance. Pretreat wood types rich in active substances with AURO Special primer No. 117, other wood types with AURO Wood primer No. 124.
Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
.75 9.3

Full declaration:
water; as amino soaps: colophony-glycerine ester with organic acids, linseed-, castor-, sunflower-oils; mineral fillers; silicic acids; surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil, sugar surfactant, lecithin; cellulose ether; driers (lead-free)

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