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267 - Natural Floor Varnish

Natural Floor Varnish (Silk Finish)
Floor Varnish
Floor Varnish

Product Stats


  • Natural and environmentally friendly. 
  • Available in 750ml and 2.5 Litre
  • Very Low Odour product
  • Interior Use
  • Safe for Toys
  • Solvent-Free
  • Abrasion and Slip Resistant
  • Recommend testing a small section first to ensure satisfaction with the final colour
  • Water and dirt repellent


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Product versions:

Natural Floor varnish No. 267

Provides very hard-wearing and dirt-repellent wooden floors: solvent-free, transparent floor paint with moderate gloss. Slip- and abrasion-resistant, saliva- and perspiration-proof. Pretreat wood types rich in active substances with AURO Special primer No. 117, other wood types with AURO Hard primer No. 127.
Can be tinted to colours - contact us for more details on this!
Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
0,75 13
2,5 42

Full declaration:
water; as amino soaps: colophony-glycerine ester with organic acids, linseed-, castor-, sunflower-oils, beeswax; mineral fillers; surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil, sugar surfactant, lecithin; silicic acids; cellulose ether; stearic acid; drying agents (e.g. cobalt salts)

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