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321 - Natural Interior Wall Paint

Interior Wall Paint
AURO 321 Natural Wall Paint
AURO 321 Natural Wall Paint

Product Stats

  • AURO 321 is a natural interior emulsion paint that performs extremely well as a sustainable and environmental friendly non-toxic paint for walls and ceilings.
  • Natural resin dispersion wall paints, white, for interiors.
  • Available in 1, 5 and 10 ltr.
  • Coverage up to 9m² per litre
  • For interior use
  • Breathable & Washable
  • AURO natural wall paint can be diluted with water

Natural Wall Paint Data Sheet - Click Here

Auro 321 Replebin


AURO 321 - Natural Interior Wall Paint is available in a range of colour - Click Here 


Contains a new formula: The biogenic binding agent REPLEBIN guarantees freedom from emissions, better substrate compatibility, and adhesion. It contains no oils, does not yellow and emits little odour during the drying process.


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Product Description

Natural Wall Paint No. 321

Open-pored, mat white wall paint with the natural fragrance of essential oils. Washable product with a higher coverage than that of AURO Natural resin wall paint, white No. 320. Minimal dripping during application. If you want to add some colour, tint with AURO Full-shade tinting colour No. 330 or rework with AURO Colour wash plant glazes No. 360 or the dirt-repellent AURO Wall glaze wax No. 370 to obtain a slightly coloured effect on the white paint. (Information for colour tone mixing: net weight per 1 l is 1.34 kg; 5 l = 6,7 kg; 10 l = 13.4 kg). Find your desired colour tone in our interactive Colour Designer.

Trading units
Coverage per sq.m




10 90

Full declaration:
water; mineral fillers; titanium dioxide; linseed oil; dammar; cellulose; silver; sugar surfactant; alcohol; rosemary oil; eucalyptus oil 

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