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330 Full-Shade Tinting

Full-Shade Tinting
Tinting Colours
Tinting Colours

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  •  Used with AURO 321 Classic Paint or 524 Premium Paint
  • Interior use
  • Breathable
  • Waterbased
  • Available in 250ml 
  • Vegan



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Auro 330 Full Shade Tinting - 0.25 ltr. 
Price: €13.20 incl. VAT

Full-shade tinting colour No. 330

Cheerful, conservative or trendy colours for your walls thanks to natural earth and mineral pigments: tinting paint for AURO Wall paints No. 321 and 524.

Can also be used on its own as particularly strong full-shade wall paint.

Find your favourite colour among hundreds of finely graded colours in our colour charts (our stockist keeps colour charts ready for you).(Information for colour tone mixing: net weight per 0,25 l = 0,276 kg | 0,5 l = 0,555 kg | 2,5 l = 2,775 kg). Find your desired colour tone in our interactive Colour Designer.


Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
0,25 3*
0,5 5*
2,5 25* (*as full-shade colour)

Full declaration:
water; mineral fillers; pigments; dammar; linseed oil; castor oil; cellulose; silver; surfactants made of rapeseed oil, castor oil, sugar surfactant, lecithin; eucalyptus oil; rosemary oil; alcohol

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