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370 - Wall Glaze Wax

Wall Glaze Wax
AURO Wall Glaze Wax
AURO Wall Glaze Wax

Product Stats


  • A natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic wall glaze
  • For interior use
  • Low-odour product and low VOC wall glaze
  • AURO 370 natural wax glaze offers great protection for interior walls from a variety of everyday stains children can create  
  • Water Based
  • Available in 375ml and 750ml 



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Wall glaze wax No. 370

Cheerful, intense and luminous glazes with additional protection thanks to wax: the ideal solution for nurseries and hallways. Dilute with water depending on the desired colour intensity and apply with a brush (eight curve figures) or dab on the white walls with a sponge. The glazes are milky during the drying process but develop their full luminous colour when polishing the wax contained in the glaze with a soft cloth or brush. The wax layer protects walls from dirty children's hands. Tip: Apply colourless glaze around all light switches for invisible protection. Good news for tenants: The wax layer can be easily removed with our mild dishwashing liquid (No. 473).
Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
0,375 see Techn. Data Sheet
0,75 see Techn. Data Sheet
2,5 see Techn. Data Shee

Full declaration:
water; stearic acid; beeswax; mineral pigments; borates; rosemary oil

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