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Natural Washing up Liquid - No. 473

Washing up Liquid
AURO 473 Dish Washing Liquid
AURO 473 Dish Washing Liquid

Product Stats

  • 100% Natural Washing up Liquid
  • Available in 500ml and 5 Litres
  • Dermatologically tested (on people)
  • High grease cutting power
  • Gentle on Hands
  • Also Suitable for Window Cleaning
  • Vegan


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Product Description

Dishwashing liquid No. 473

High grease cutting power and yet gentle on your hands: the perfect dishwashing liquid for spotless, sparkling plates and crockery. Also recommended for cleaning windows! The product has been dermatologically tested (on people) and its very good skin compatibility been confirmed by independent institutes.

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Full declaration:

water, sugar surfactant , alcohol, xanthane, citronella, potash, citric acid

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