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Natural Basic Washing Powder - No. 481

Natural Washing Powder
Natural Washing Powder
Natural Washing Powder
Natural Washing Powder

Product Stats

  • Available in 2kg and 4kg
  • 100% Natural Washing Powder
  • Scent and Perfume free
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Can improve Eczema and skin rashes 
  • Save up to 50% compare to conventional washing powders
  • Vegan


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Product Description

Basic washing powder No. 481

Scent-free, powerful washing powder for wash temperatures of 40-95°C. Add our softener component in case of hard water, add our bleach component when washing whites. Contains no optical brighteners, protects colours from fading.
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Full declaration:

palm kernel fat**, coconut fat**, sodium-metasilicate, silicates, swelling clays, soda, citrate, glycerine, **as potassium soap

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