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Natural Stain Removing Bile Soap - No. 485

Stain Removing Bile Soap

Product Stats

Preliminary treatment of stains: Apply bile soap to the stains on the dry fabric.  After allowing a brief time to act, rinse out thoroughly. 

If necessary, repeat application.  Afterwards wash the laundry as usual

Awalan Natural Stain Removing Bile Soap - No. 485

100% Natural Stain removing Liquid

Dirty collars, workwear or stubborn albuminous stains

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Product Description

Stain-removing bile soap, liquid No. 485

Dirty collars, workwear or stubborn albuminous stains: no problem for liquid bile soap. Apply directly on the stains, allow to work in and rinse thoroughly or soak the laundry in bile soap and water and wash in your washing machine as usual.
***PLEASE NOTE: Product discontinued in November 2012 but may still be available at retail***
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Full declaration:
water; bovine gall; sunflower oil*; palm kernel fat*; alcohol; coconut fat*; rosemary oil; lavender oil; orange oil; soya oil*; potash; glycerine; castor oil*; pine terpene alcohol; rapeseed oil*; citrates. *as potassium soaps

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