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801 - Terrace Cleaner

Terrace Cleaner
Terrace Cleaner
Terrace Cleaner

Product Stats

  • Auro 801 - Terrace Cleaner
  • All types of wood
  • Citrus fresh
  • Water dilutable
  • Easy application
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan


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Terrace cleaner No. 801

Removes algae, moss and soiling from wooden, stone and concrete terraces reducing the slip hazard considerably. Brush off loose dirt and add terrace cleaner to mop water. Rinse with clear water after mopping. Wooden terraces will look like new after treatment with AURO Terrace oil No. 110 (available colours: Teak, Bangkirai and Larch.)

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Coverage per sq.m
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Full declaration:
water; alcohol; sugar surfactants; potash; pine terpene alcohol; sunflower oil*; palm kernel fat*; citrates; coconut fat*; cellulose ether; soya oil*; glycerine; orange oil; castor oil*; rosemary oil; rapeseed oil*; lavender oil. *as potassium soaps

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