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Natural paint and cleaners

AURO Paint Striping Paste 461

Paint Striping Paste
AURO Paint Stripping Paste
AURO Paint Stripping Paste

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Natural Household Cleaning Products

In order to keep households hygienic and bacteria free, many people use hard, aggressive cleaning agents.

With the wastewater, these agents get into the sewage and burden the environment.  

Households aware of environmental and health problems trust in reliable cleaning and care products that are good for nature and people's health

The AURO range of assorted cleaning, care and maintenance products meet the requirements of environmentally aware households.

The AURO range of cleaning products is made from natural ingredients like citrates, alcohol and various oils. 




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Product Description

Natural Ingredients 

Water, As potassium soap, wheaten flour, orange oil, linseed oil, eucalyptus oil, ammonia, alcohol, citrate, vinegar


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