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AURO Power cleaner 421

Power Cleaner
AURO 421 Power Cleaner
AURO 421 Power Cleaner

Product Stats

AURO Power / Wax cleaner ensure highly soiled floors will look like new

This auro power cleaner etches old wax layers, cleans surfaces thoroughly and forms a new, waferthin protective wax film.

Suitable for waxed wood, parquet, cotto and cork floors. 


Intended Purpose/Properties

Cleaning agent for heavily soiled impregnated surfaces or surfaces treated with beeswax balsam (e.g. wood-block flooring, furniture, Cotto, cork) forms a very thin, protective wax film.

Product containing wax and solvents, with good dirt dissolving power, for balsam coating, intensive cleaning power, has slight re-waxing properties.



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1 Litre 
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Product Description

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