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Airtight attic systems

pro clima - Kaflex Cable Grommet

Kaflex Cable Grommet
pro clima kaflex duopro clima roflex

Product Stats

  • pro clima - Kaflex cable grommet 
  • Single, twin and multi hole grommets
  • suitable for cables and pipes of 6-12mm and 15-30mm
  • material UNI TAPE with EPDM
  • temperature resistance EPDM long term -40°C to +120°C
  • application temperature from -10°C
  • colour blue / black
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Product versions:

pro clima Kaflex and Roflex sealing grommet made of strong and highly flexible EPDM. Ideally suited for rapid and permanent airtight feedthroughs for cables and pipes through the airtight sealing layer. Can also be used outdoors, e.g. for sub-roofs and for refurbishment vapour check by sticking waterproof TESCON No.1 or TESCON VANA adhesive tape over the light blue paper backing on the self-adhesive grommets.

  • Made of high-quality EPDM, ideal for permanently
  • airtight cable and pipe penetrations
  • No excess bushing, quick installation
  • The cables and pipes can be still be pulled or pushed
  • without damaging the airtightness
  • Secure bond, quick and secure sealing
  • High-quality EPDM, extremely exible and
  • elastic, no excess bushing
  • Also suitable for penetrations under the roof
  • Cables and pipes can be still be pulled or pushed

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