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Airtight attic systems

pro clima - Solitex Plus

Solitex Plus
pro clima solitex plus
pro clima solitex plus
pro clima solitex plus Solitex Plus System Solitex Plus Installation Solitex Plus

Product Stats

  • pro clima - Solitex plus - Active diffusion transport through a monolithic TEEE membrane for permanently dry building components  Solitex Plus
  • Diffusion-open underlay or roof lining

  • Very high nail tear resistance

  • Very high thermal stability

  • High wear resistance thanks to microfibre fleeces

  • Suitable for combination with blown insulation materials

  • Available in 15 and 50m rolls

  • Connect technology with two integrated self-adhesive zones is available

  • NSAI certified roof underlay


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Product versions:

For use as diffusion-open underlay or roof lining on sarking boards and insulation materials.Roof lining membrane with very high nail tear resistance and high strength, making it safe to walk on. Suitable for use in combination with blown insulation materials. The special TEEE film gives this underlay exceptional thermal stability and very high resistance to driving rain and makes it resistant to chemicals commonly found in building materials (e.g. wood preservative or chainsaw oil).

Pore-free membranes actively transport moisture to the outside – the more moisture is present, the faster it is transported. Their diffusion resis - tance drops in this case. Only a minimal vapour partial pressure gradient is required for transport.
The particular protection against driving rain results from the fact that there are no pores present. High impact speeds or water drops with reduced surface tension do not present a problem for the SOLITEX underlay system.

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