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Airtight attic systems

pro clima - Solitex Fronta WA Housewrap

Solitex Fronta WA
Solitex Fronta WA
Solitex Fronta WA

Product Stats

  • pro clima - Solitex Fronta WA
  • pp microfibre fleece
  • Roll Size 1.5 x 50m
  • Colour black
  • UV Stable for 3 months
  • NSAI certified systems


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Price: €155.00 incl. VAT

Product Description

For use as an insulation protection layer for closed and open jointed façades (e.g. back ventilated façades). Behind suspended façades with a 2 cm gap for back-ventilated curtain façades (rear-ventilation gap: 2 cm). Tear-resistant and very windtight wall lining membrane that ensures maximum thermal insulation efficiency. Protects the structure against the elements during the construction phase. Suitable for structures with curtain façades (max. 2 cm gap, min. 2 cm rear ventilation between the membrane and the suspended façade).


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