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Natural insulation

Joist Expander

Loft Expander SE

Product Stats

  • Upgrade attic insulation and create extra storage space
  • Slim, lightweight engineered solution
  • Increase joists in one easy step
  • Efficient alignment of uneven joists
  • Time saving, one man installation possible
  • Easy to handle 2.4m lengths
  • Patented technology, engineered and developed in Germany
  • Reduce heat loss through joists
  • Strength of joist expander third party tested and approved
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The system provides an efficient solution for the thermal refurbishment of attic & roof spaces. In order to meet the latest requirements of the building regulations or to meet Passivhaus levels of energy performance more the 300mm of fibre insulation is often required. Homeowners often use attic spaces for storage which can lead to the compression of insulation which in turn, significantly reduces thermal performance. Applying high levels of insulation in attics also increases the difficulty of moving within the attic space.

Attic spaces can be safely and effectively insulated with the Loft Expander fixed directly to the joist. Rafters spaces can be increased internally with the Loft Expander or externally using the Universal Expander.


  Depth Increase
SE12 12cm
SE18 18cm

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