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Airtight attic systems

Smoke Bottle

Smoke bottle
smoke bottle
smoke bottle

Product Stats


When the user presses lightly on the plastic bottle, a burst of fog is given off that makes air flows visible when testing airtightness layers using the vacuum procedure. The contents of one bottle are sufficient for around 150 - 250 test applications. The fog effect can be increased by shaking the bottle.

  • Ready to use immediately

  • Closed bottles can be stored for an unlimited period

  • Cold fog, so no risk of holes in the airtightness layer

  • Small, fits in trouser pocket



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Price: €29.50 incl. VAT

Product Description

A fan is built into a door or window and creates a “mini-vacuum” of 50 Pa in the building.

Air will then flow in through any leaks in the airtight layer.

This flow can clearly be felt with the back of the hand or made visible using the fog generator SMOKE BOTTLE.

Refurbishment costs for structural damage caused by faulty airtightness generally exceed the cost of constructing the building component itself by a factor of 10 to 100.

It is thus always recommended to test the quality of work carried out to rule out the possibility of hidden faults being present.

Testing using the pressure difference procedure is almost always very easy and feasible from a cost viewpoint.


Ideally, this test will be carried out before the inner cladding is fitted, as leaks can be rectified during testing in this case.

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