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Airtight attic systems

pro clima Tescon Profect

Tescon Profect
Tescon Profect
Tescon Profect

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Tescon Profect 

Acrylic adhesive tape with a 3-split release backing for airtight connections and waterproof seals at corners 

Pre-folded corner tap to stick: vapour retarding and airproofing layers consisting of membranes and wood-based panels (e.g. OSB) one below the other, roof lining, sarking and wall lining membranes one below the other, connections to adjacent structural elements such as windows, doors etc. internally and externally


  • Simple, quick and clean corner sealing as a result of pre-folding
  • No release paper on the first adhesive side: stick down the tape immediately, no need to remove
  • Dispose of the first backing strip
  • Available in strip widths of 25/35 mm and 12/38 mm
  • Soft fleece backing
  • Waterproof adhesive for permanently secure internal and external sealing
  • Can be plastered over
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Price: €56.60 incl. VAT