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Natural paint and cleaners

Natural Paints & Cleaners

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Masonry Brush
Sure Grip Masonry Brush
€5.25 incl. VAT Sure Grip Masonry Brush
Harris Roller Set
Plant Soap
Auro 411 Plant Soap
From €13.20 incl. VAT Auro 411 Plant Soap
Secure Comfort Grip Handle
9 Inch Roller Handle
€6.30 incl. VAT 9 Inch Roller Handle
Sanding Block
Sanding Block
€1.75 incl. VAT Sanding Block
4'' Emulsion Sleeves
Mini Roller Emulsion Sleeves
€4.85 incl. VAT Mini Roller Emulsion Sleeves
9'' Long Pile
Roller Sleeve Long Pile
€5.25 incl. VAT Roller Sleeve Long Pile
5 Piece Mini Roller Set
Mini Roller Kit
€5.75 incl. VAT Mini Roller Kit
Skimming Grid
Skimming Grid
€1.80 incl. VAT Skimming Grid
Wet & Dry Finishing Paper
€1.00 incl. VAT Wet & Dry Finishing Paper
Polyacrylic 4" Roller Set
From €5.85 incl. VAT 4" Polyacrylic Petersons Roller Set
Foam 4" Roller Set
Petersons Foam 4'' Roller Set
From €5.85 incl. VAT Petersons Foam 4'' Roller Set
Petersons Paint Kettle
Petersons Paragon Paint Kettle
From €3.45 incl. VAT Petersons Paragon Paint Kettle
Spiral Paint Mixer
Spiral Paint Mixer
From €15.95 incl. VAT Spiral Paint Mixer
2" Filling Knife
Petersons Filling Knife 2
From €4.65 incl. VAT Petersons Filling Knife 2"
Cage Roller Frame 9"
Cage Roller Frame 9
From €7.35 incl. VAT Cage Roller Frame 9"
Roller Pole 1.2m
Petersons Praxis Roller Pole 1.2m
From €4.35 incl. VAT Petersons Praxis Roller Pole 1.2m
Glossing Sleeve 9"
Petersons Premier Glossing Sleeve 9''
From €7.15 incl. VAT Petersons Premier Glossing Sleeve 9''
Mini Frame 4"
Petersons Mini Frame 4''
From €3.45 incl. VAT Petersons Mini Frame 4''