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Ecological Building Systems

Ecological Building Systems has been at the forefront of providing Sustainable Building Products for over a decade. Based in Athboy, County Meath, the company has developed a complete range of environmental, energy efficient and low-carbon natural products.

Our range includes the Multi Award Winning Products

Ecological Building Systems is about supporting and supplying the Irish and UK markets with both technical know-how and quality tried and tested products for sustainable building.

Since 2000, with the advent of ecologically conscious building, MacCann & Byrne have dedicated themselves to the genesis and development of the sustainable building industry. MacCann & Byrne acknowledge that our European friends are far advanced when it comes to understanding and constructing sustainable buildings. Sourcing only the highest quality sustainable building products for the Irish and UK Market, MacCann & Byrne developed a separate part of their group dedicated wholly to the concept of Ecological Building.

Ecological Building Systems based in Athboy, Co.Meath is now the One-Stop-Shop for Sustainable Building supporting and supplying both the Irish and UK markets with both the technical know-how and quality tried and tested products for the sustainable building industry. Currently, the main focus is on the supply of airtight systems and thermal and acoustic insulation products for Low Energy and Passive House Construction.

Ecological Building Systems also deliver training in our Centre of Knowledge, Athboy, Co.Meath.  Ecological Building Systems train in excess of 400 people per year.  Our pro clima Intelligent Airtightness Training Course helps participants understand the core principles of airtightness & vapour control.  Learn more about our airtightness training.  In 2016, Ecological Building Systems launched a new Low Energy Retrofits Training Course which Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities to Retrofitting Insulation & Airtightness in Buildings.  

MacCann & Byrne MacCann & Byrne

The parent company of Ecological Building Systems and Ecological Building Systems UK is MacCann & Byrne who were established in 1906 and are still to this day based in Athboy, County Meath in the heart of Ireland.

MacCann & Byrne are importers, manufacturers and distributors of quality timber and building products and have built their philosophy around sourcing and delivering to the Irish and UK market only the best products available. Offering a nationwide, reliable delivery service, MacCann & Byrne, back up their quality promise with a matching customer and after sales service that is second to none. A reputable provider to the Irish and UK construction industry. The mission of MacCann & Byrne is to lead and help develop welcome changes within Irish and UK building practices