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Natural paint and cleaners

AURO INFORMATION Auro Natural Paints

AURO is the leading producer of natural paints and ecological coating materials (cleaning, care and maintenance).  AURO have made significant investments in research which have brought forth a full assortment of completely solvent free paints, stains and impregnations based on pure biogenic binding agents.  These products meet the most stringent technical requirements presented on the market.  In your best interests, every single product is free of synthetic irritants and pollutants.  No other manufacturer follows this principle as consistently as AURO.

Walls and wood treated with AURO do not release any artificial solvents and ideally, support the natural moisture balance in your home.  Your home can breathe easily, the best prerequisite to enjoying life within its walls.  

AURO Brochures Available

AURO Healthy Homes for the Future Brochure Image         AURO Environmental Declaration

What is Natural Paint?

  • Natural Paint is free of chemical ingredients and biodegradable.
  • Unlike conventional latex paints this includes "environmentally-friendly", "zero-VOC versions",  natural paints are biodegradable and free of petrochemical ingredients.  Conventional paints contain a variety of toxins that must be carefully disposed of to prevent environmental contamination.  
  • The benefit of AURO natural paints is that they are made with raw ingredients such as plant extracts, earth minerals and mineral pigments.  AURO natural paints are not produced with petrochemical or synthetic ingredients.  
  • AURO philosophy is based on "Gentle Chemistry" - Which means the natural paints are made with ingredients that are minimally processed and are also abundantly available such as organic Linseed.  
  • In comparison, the main ingredients in conventional latex paints, such as petroleum products, are extremely energy intensive to produce.  


 What Makes AURO Paints Different?

  • AURO paints have very strong ecological benefits, low CO2 impact, transparency in listing ingredients, ease of use and quality 
  • AURO products come with the assurance that they are not harmful to you or the plant.
  • Auro use natural raw ingredients - No toxic petrochemicals, acrylics or alkyd resins.
  • This main binding resin in the paint is organically grown boiled linseed oil, this process actively takes up CO2 instead of producing it
  • AURO's factory uses both solar energy and wind power to further reduce emission.  Auro is the only paint manufacturer to be accredited as CO2 neutral - offsetting the balance through the Climate Neutral Group
  • All Auro products are breathable, this creates a healthier living environment and allows potential damp problems to evaporate out through the surface
  • AURO water-based products contain no biocides and have become the standard for hypoallergenic and child-friendly environments.  Products also carry EU certification for being suitable for cots and toys.
  • and the Proof report on allergies voted Auro as best in a test against other eco paints.
  • According to Ethical Consumer Magazine Auro is the Best Buy 


Clear your Home of Harmful Chemicals  

  • As we use and are exposed to more and more chemicals in our daily lives the human body is reacting against this.
  • We now spend on average 80% of our time indoors where we inhale unseen fumes from synthetic products.
  • These are now the prime suspects in the rise of unexplained allergies, ME, asthma, eczema and the list goes on.
  • Just like we ensure our bodies are nourished with healthy food, we should ensure the homes we live in are coated with healthy natural paint.
  • Download full Declaration of Ingredients used in the making of AURO products.
  • It is an impossible claim to say that AURO paints are 100% suitable for all allergy suffers, however, we can say that AURO paints do not contain petrochemical mix which has become a norm in many paints.
  • A World Health Organisation Report has advised that painters are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer, leading IARC to classify the occupation of a painter as "carcinogenic to humans"
  • AURO produces coatings, cleaning, care and maintenance products on the basis of raw materials mainly based on plants and minerals which lead to a very special position within the chemical industry


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