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The Value of a Healthy Home

I’m not sure I could find anybody, should I try, who would openly and readily agree that the type of home they want to live in would include stuffy rooms, condensation on the windows, cold floors, draughty doors and dust galore.  Learn More 

Why would you?

But that’s what most of us endure in our buildings in this country (perhaps I’ve lived in more than my fair share). Worse still, many of us develop ailments like asthma and allergies; worst cases see others contract skin or respiratory conditions due to issues such as mould or mites. Others suffer severe worsening of medical symptoms due to cold living conditions, perhaps coupled with high humidity in winter.

We’ve perhaps become so used to these issues that we think of them as part of life; I know that condensation on the windows and a bit of mould in the musty corners of dark rooms was something I thought was standard growing up. In reality, these are reflections of poor building design and/or construction practice, and all entirely or largely avoidable.

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